The Walk To Lope Transition.

Question: I need help with my lope transitions, my horse seems to anticipate the lope is coming and when I do ask for the transition into the lope from the walk he pig-roots or tends to jump into the lope or trots before he takes the lope transition. Can you help me get a clean lope transition?

Answer: Absolutely. A smooth, seamless walk-to-lope transition is, as we know called for in the show pen, however, many riders only seem to work on the jog-to-lope transition.

A horse that can easily strike off without throwing his head up and lunging into the gait, or breaking first into a jog is setting the actual lope that follows the clean transition up for a much nicer, more correct, cadenced lope the whole way around the pen, that will give you those “Kodak” moments that you should be striving for.

Your own position and use of the aids is what will help make the difference between a collected, relaxed departure, and a rushed, anxious one, whether you’re teaching a young two year old or retraining a senior horse. If you do it right, lope departures can feel and look super sweet. But do it wrong and you can throw your horse off balance, frustrate and confuse him — and end up with a horse that equates loping with anxiety and trying to get a perfect lope transition on an anxious horse is near on an impossibility.

Here is what I do…

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