Hi, my name is Pam Neal, I am a professional horse trainer and Coach in the Western Industry. I live in Australia with my husband, when I say I live in Australia, I mean it literally!

Since both of us retired from breeding and training all three biggies, the Quarter Horse, Appaloosa and Paint horses, we now live full-time on the road. We absolutely love it too. We both wondered whether we or mainly I would get sick of it after a year, well, we are well and truly into our third year of “driving around the BIG block”, having written this in April of 2019. We are both still at it and loving it.

There are many “Pros” to this caper and these pros outweigh the cons by absolute miles, what with the stunning country that we live in, the views, the sunsets, beaches, rain forests, deserts, mountain ranges, the list really does go on, this country is simply breathtaking! However, there is another pro that I quite love and look forward to and that is being able to give lessons and clinics while we are on the road travelling.

I have met some really great horse people that have a passion for the western breeds out there, some in the remotest places. I feel sorry for the real “outbacker’s” the rider’s that love their hobby but they just can’t for one reason or another leave the farm to go have a lesson. The most obvious reason that sticks out like the old dog’s proverbials, it is just too darn far to travel to have a 1 hour lesson. The logistics kills. Like, that 1 hour lesson sometimes means they give up a whole day in travelling. So, I really do enjoy catching up with these guys and helping them out.

If we can’t get together for a lesson, we organise a “remote” lesson over the net. I love these, and they are tried and trusted by many of my clients, they love them too. They can look over that particular lesson a thousand times if they want to.

I teach from Go to Whoa, actually, keep your eyes open for my book that is available for purchase now, go here for more information on “From Go To Whoa” – Training your own horse.

I teach things like –

  • Weaning and handling/prepping the weanling and yearling
  • Halter Preparation on both the horse and rider,  how to present yourself and your horse to the judge;
  • Lung Line;
  • Lead Trail
  • Ridden Trail;
  • Hunter In Hand;
  • Showmanship;
  • Horsemanship;
  • Western Pleasure;
  • Hunter Under Saddle.

I have been training for the public now for over 3 decades along with breeding, training and campaigning progeny from my own stallions and clients horses.  I have trained and campaigned for clients from all over Australia and New Zealand. I’ve won and placed in many events across all of the prestigious shows. I have coached youth, amateur and select amateur clients to the winners circle.

There is something very special about watching your clients win or place in their classes watching on from the sidelines. To share in their tears of happiness when they have had a “win” in an event whether that is a a small personal win mentally or an actual win there is nothing like it, it’s not only rewarding, it’s a very special moment that I treasure.t

Here is our outfit that we travel around Australia in.

Private Remote one on one lessons

For years I have been wanting to set this up. Remote Horse Rider Training came about by talking to some riders at clinics about how many clinics they do through the year. It turned out that a fair few of them only did one or two very occasionally because they either lived so far away and/or lived on a working farm and how it is virtually impossible to get away.

I always seemed to be too busy to do anything about this but when I had my accident on the 2 year old filly, I had plenty of time to think things over while lying on the couch unable to move much at all.

I now have clients that with just a phone call away and a few videos here and there sent to me. I critique their days lesson and if they have any questions or problems we work through them. I am happy to say that it is helping a few riders out. You can see a couple of reviews below.

I am available by appointment with you wherever you are, in the WORLD!

You receive a very detailed explanation. If it doesn’t make sense we go through it until it is second nature. This method of training is tried and tested, it is a very cost effective training program. My fee is $30.00 for an hour lesson over the phone. You can’t get better than that!

Contact me for a chat pam.svqh@bigpond.com. Lessons are done privately between you and I and are not disclosed to anyone else.

So hey, “Let’s Ride”!

From Jodi and Hoochie

Training your Horse 🐴 HIGHLY RECOMMEND –
Pam Neal’s ‘Remote Horse Training’ and New Book
“From Go To Whoa”
Anyone lucky enough to have purchased a horse trained and bred by Pam Neal will know they have a well trained horse for life!
Me buying Hooch as a beginner, I have felt very lucky to have had Pam’s help, guidance and invaluable tips throughout our journey!
Lately hasn’t been easy for me bringing back Hoochie from a year off after an injury.. As it’s been hard finding the right help with a Western Coach in Sydney.
I just started Pam’s ‘Remote Horse Training’.. and I must say I WISH I started this much sooner!
In my hour long lesson over the phone remotely with her and for only $30 I have learnt so much invaluable information. That if I had known these things over a year ago, then maybe my horse wouldn’t have had this happen to him! As sad as this sounds, its maybe true!
Today I spoke through with Pam about simple tips on lunging him in a round yard and lunging over trott poles.. and more importantly how not to overdo it.. and mixing our training exercises up each day with our riding and ground work. I also spoke through all my fears I have been having with a now really fresh horse after rehabbing him slowly by myself, for the last six months. Today I feel so much more confident after speaking through things with Pam and she has given me some really great tips and exercises that we can work on this week.
So any of you that need to talk things through or to have a live riding lesson remotely.. I highly recommend Pam’s ‘Remote Horse Training! I took away so much today just in that one hour.
Here’s a link about Pam’s ‘Remote Horse Training’
Also so exciting.. she is a new Author and has written a Book – “From Go To Whoa” With some invaluable tips on supplements, feed and training your horse.
So do yourself a favour and buy yourself a copy, full of invaluable tips xx

From Go To Whoa

Training Your Own Horse - Book


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