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The Walk To Lope Transition.

Many riders, when going into the canter/lope from the walk/jog tend to ignore how the horse lifts it’s head and neck upon moving up into the departure. Lifting the head and neck only hollows the horses back out which in turn blocks the horse from coming through with a clean drive from the hind or the “engine”.

Master the sitting trot

Riding a good sitting trot involves staying in the saddle and moving with your horse.  No bouncing and no daylight between your backside and your horses back. I believe not enough time is invested in mastering the sitting trot. It is probably one of…

Old habits die hard!

How to quick-fix a horse’s bad habits in the show pen Anticipation I am always on about repetition when training your horses. This is the quickest way to instill into your horse something you want to teach them – repetition! Until repetition of a…

Draw Reins – Part Two

Last time, I spoke about the usefulness of draw reins and the problems that can occur when you overuse them. I love to use them, as I mentioned in my blog “Draw Reins part one” when I am going to train the lope transition….

How to manoeuvre the gate with your yearling/2 year old trail horse…

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Using a snaffle on a Senior Horse

Senior horse snaffle bit training… Or any other bit for that matter! I think the worst thing you can do once you hunt down that curb/shank bit that your horse loves and works well in is to use it on him day in, day…

Is your horse leaning or pulling the reins out of your hands?

When you hold and release, the horse is learning to accept your hands and yield to the pressure you apply.

When Your Horse Won’t Go Forward.

The most natural thing for a horse to do is to go forward. The most frustrating issue for many riders is having a horse who is not willing to go forward. So what prevents a horse from doing what comes so naturally to him?…

How to get the “Kodak” look with your horse.

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What’s your pet hate?

I don’t like dribbling – do you?

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