Train your own horse? Of course!

Thank you to everyone who has purchased my book From Go To Whoa so far!

I am really humbled at the amount that I have sold!

I would really, really love to know what you are all thinking about it. Like are you liking it so far? There is, unfortunately a draw back to selling them privately and that is there are no reviews going up on Amazon, that, in turn, stops the book from getting noticed and up there in the top, most read or top seller for a certain period of time.
However, I am going to gather up my own reviews and put them on my web page so that people passing by can see them and know what to expect from the book.

Free and Premium Memberships

Speaking of the web for Remote Horse Rider Training, there are now two member sections.

  • FREE membership
  • PREMIUM subscription membership

Free membership is just that, it’s free! However, free membership will not be able to access the more detailed training pages, questions answered pages.

Premium subscription membership section – where members will not only be able to source information from the free membership pages but will also be privy to a more detailed training section where Premium members will be able to ask questions. Premiums will get over 3 decades of my experience in breeding, training and campaigning the western bred horse. This area will be exclusive to Premium subscription members only. Premium subscription is only $4.80 a month! I don’t think you could get a horse trained for $4.80 a month do you?

If you would like to join as a FREE member you can click on the Join Us button on the menu bar and go free the Premium subscription membership scroll down, click on the “subscribe now” button which will take you over to PayPal. You will need to fill out the registration form also.

Remote Training Program

Since my book has been available for sale, I have also had a few extra riders interested in my Remote Training Program. This is an awesome program, it is a tried and tested program which has been available for around 12 months now. Not only is it for riders’ that are living remotely on working stations and properties that are exactly that… remote and too difficult for riders to get to clinics or have a trainer come to them for lessons. It is for anyone and everyone where ever they may be in the world who wants to get the job done on their own with a “safety net” trainer, me! You can speak to me whenever you get stuck on something. If you prefer an email, text, skype that’s all good too.

The fee for Remote Training is also a very doable price for an hour of phone conversation with me. If you would like to send me a video before we talk. I will look at your video before our conversation so we can critique it together, sort out a plan for the next ride or two.

There are two separate fees for phone chat/chat and video and both are very reasonable prices compared to sending your horse away for training. The benefit is that you get to train your own horse, you know exactly what is going into your horses training with no doubts or concerns that your buddy is being treated with love and respect.

You can scroll down to find easy payment method via PayPal, (EASY PAYMENT will be found below the book price, and below the reviews if you don’t do PayPal you can direct debit into my account, email me for my details.

Dink me an email or reply from the page if you would like to talk about anything here. I will be more than happy to talk it through with you in more detail. 

Pam Neal,

My list is as long as your arm!

PS: I have a long list of people that wanted to purchase a book from me, if you are still interested just send me your mailing address and I will post one out.

Here are the payment details via PayPal for the book…


From Go To Whoa - Training Your Own Horse! Stay in the know of how your horse is being trained by being trained by YOU!


Reviews on Remote Training…

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Good day and place to be reading

From Go to Whoa – Training your Horse 🐴 HIGHLY RECOMMEND –
Pam Neal’s ‘Remote Horse Training’ and New Book
“From Go To Whoa”
Anyone lucky enough to have purchased a horse trained and bred by Pam Neal will know they have a well trained horse for life!
Me buying Hooch as a beginner, I have felt very lucky to have had Pam’s help, guidance and invaluable tips throughout our journey!

I just started Pam’s ‘Remote Horse Training’.. and I must say I WISH I started this much sooner!
Today I feel so much more confident after speaking through things with Pam and she has given me some really great tips and exercises that we can work on this week.
I highly recommend Pam’s ‘Remote Horse Training!

From Jodi and Hoochie

Jaxon and I got our book in the mail today!
Can’t wait to start implementing some of the techniques!
From watching Pam’s horses go around the show pen in awe to now having a book of handy techniques 😍
Pretty excited about the showmanship section too 😂😂 Jaxon needs all the help he can get to train me.

Thanks so much Pam! -Bree

  • I’m half way great book easy to understand – Leony

  • It’s great reading I’m loving it – Jean
  • Congrats great book still reading – Anne

Hi Pam , your book was amazing, it was easy to read and easy to understand . It was just like have you right there , explaining it all .

Can’t wait for the next one xx

Kylie x

A year ago I was given info about Pam and her Remote Training. What a fantastic idea and was so happy to be able to speak to someone about my Sophie who I had not long brought as a Yearling on starting her training and handling.

Pam and I spoke often she helped me a lot to get things started and explained things so well the instructions were easy to follow and certainly helped me. I sent videos as well which helped Pam to see what was going on,and she would get back to me giving me sometimes a different approach to try.

Yesterday I was lucky enough to have a lesson with Pam as she and George were travelling through SA on their next adventure, what a terrific lesson you gave me.
I feel more confident in what I am doing with Sophie.
I truly recommend everyone out there who needs help with training and especially riders who can’t get to trainers to get in touch with Pam you will be glad you did I know I am. 💜 – Cathy and Sophie

Remote Phone, Skype or e-mail Training

Tried and Tested training program that has been very successful. From Halter, lunge-liners to pleasure and hunter. You're only a phone call away


Video Footage Remote Training

Send me a video and we will critique together, work on your homework together. Video Footage is only available with the remote phone/email/skype/text training and is an additional fee


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