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Look after your horse’s hooves

Under normal conditions, a horse’s hooves should maintain a natural moisture balance. However, sometimes they can get extra dry, cracked, and brittle in cold or dry weather. In this case, it’s a good idea to help your horse’s hooves maintain an ideal moisture level by applying hoof oil. You can easily make it at home … Continue reading Look after your horse’s hooves

How to correct a low head carriage

The Serpentine exercise – Serpentine exercises will keep your horse focussed, balanced they discourage bad habits forming due to fatigue from riding in a same direction circle for too long, causing your horse to learn that it is easier to drop the lead shoulder than to stay upright. Serpentines will take the “predictable” out of the equation, you can keep your horse in the dark so to speak as to which direction he will be going next and when. Not only will serpentines help you lower your horse’s head if he typically travels with a high head carriage, they are just as good for getting your horse ‘s head-set level! Among a myriad of other reasons for riding in serpentines. For those of you who have purchased my book “From Go to Whoa” Training your own horse, you will know how important serpentining your horse is, no matter what age your horse is it should be kept away from too many straight lines

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